About the Artist


Art for me began in 2003. I was at the start of my final year in Art School when I found myself using the creative process with painting/drawing as a way to begin to discover who I am. I was in a state of misery almost daily. It was confusing because I was aware how everything in my life should have made me feeling the opposite. This internal conflict had grown to a point taking priority over everything else, and it was here when a professor in the program showed the possibility where art making could be so much more than painting and drawing for its own sake. It could very intentionally be inclusive of one’s inner life, working as a medium using ideas not limited to solving problems of composition and techniques with how to paint. “Paint what is important..’, Christopher this teacher would say. But what is important? For me the answer came evident— to overcome the despair that haunted me at the time. Christopher functioned like a therapist during our teacher/student sessions, and on one occasion introduced a model specifying how I might  begin to use the techniques learned in the Fine Art program thus far, towards the purpose with beginning to know myself. He called it ‘Self, Culture, Nature.’ I can’t imagine him knowing how much to heart I would run with the idea. So much so was the case where from that day forward and over the course of the 15+ years to follow nearly every piece of artwork I created used it. And I’m proud to say that I not only overcame that initial state of inner conflict, but continue to experience progress in the deepest way from having assigned art the role I have, where it continues to be the conduit for experiences including growth, transformation, healing and more. The works on this site are many of the pieces reflecting the inward journey of a life being lived not as art as a career, but rather as a vocation. Enjoy!