The world is yours chico..

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world of forms/formless world, watercolor/ink on paper, 5.5"x 8.5", 2014world of forms/formless world, watercolor/ink on paper, 5.5"x 8.5", 2014 Inspired by the movie 'Scarface', in a scene where the main character Tony Montana, at a restaurant giving a drunken soliloquy of his discontentment with life. Here, a man who has all the money, all the power yet is dissatisfied. I was inspired to have a little fun with it. The words following, are the text incorporate into the piece. The world is yours!

Is this it? This what is all about mang? Eating, drinking, working, faucking... then what chico? Go to school, get a degree. Choose a career you don't really enjoy. Buy all kinds of things. Always the newest things. Get married. Have kids so they can live this way to. Get divorced. Start over againn. Cono! Retire. This what I worked for mang? Get old, have a faucking heart attack or something. Recover and wait around to be dead. This what is all about huh? This what I lived for?

The world is yours chico. The world is inside of you. Stop being a maricon, and start to live chico. Really live! Live for the nowww. Appreciate all that you have, here and now. You came into the world with nothing. You leave the world with nothing. So why, you spending all your time, always trying to have someting. Living like a haza, always wanting more. Maybe you already have, all that you will ever need in this life. You just haven't looked yet. So look chico. look.


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