the nature of heart

September 27, 2013  •  51 Comments

inspired by Emilee. Painted on a wine crate that manifested itself as we shared dialogue from cities afar. Building something out of nothing. The manifestation of the hearts desire, given form in mysterious ineffable ways. More homage to the nature of reality and the miracle of its eternal flowing constancy. Never is it so deeply experienced as when we do so thru the raw, tender, open heart.  Below are the words transcribed... enjoy nature of heart, watersoluble oil on wood wine box, 10"x 16", 2013nature of heart, watersoluble oil on wood wine box, 10"x 16", 2013

The raw tender human heart. Let us embrace it. celebrate it. Expose it. Let us make ourselves vulnerable to the world. No longer ashamed of our tenderness. No longer ashamed of our truest nature. Let us break the social contract that has us hiding behind appearances. Hiding from ourselves. Let the heart breathe… let the hearts pulse vibrate to the frequency of nature, and experience complete harmony with the entire universe. Let the hearts chambers of intuition, creativity, spontaneity, be the compass that navigates our lives. Let us surrender to the hearts potential of relating to all things in the phenomenal world on its spectrum from love to pain… exercising the complete human experience. Let the open heart be the key to the gates of the true nature of freedom, love, eternity. And let us allow ourselves to walk thru fearlessly, naked with open arms, heart fully exposed… walking the path of a life lived without regret, a life lived from every seconds end with wakefulness. Mindfulness. Awareness. Let us attain that which we spend so much energy, time, resources looking for outside ourselves, within the heart… contentment. Let the human heart be the root of our being, that we nurture causing all other aspects of our life to blossom. And upon discovering the deepest love for ourselves, let us go deeper into the nature of our tender heart and discover its interdependence with all other things. And upon deeper realization, let the hearts empathy fill the empty gaps we experience in others with the hearts blood of compassion. Let our heart be the sun that illuminates the darkness of the the world with it's infinite rays of penetrating beams. And though in the face of darkness, the magnitude of human suffering may seem bottomless, let us have full devotion towards the human heart's power, strength, and potential of being boundless.


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