collaboration with artist photographer Bob Fischer

September 10, 2013  •  163 Comments

Yesterday morning after coming fresh from a swim in the ocean and upon returning to the studio for the days painting, I would come across a lively gentleman with purple hair, mismatched socks, leopard print boat shoes, and the most gentle expressions of welcome and warmth in his talk. With camera in hand he invited me to be a part of his artistic collaboration. His name is Bob Fischer and he  is compiling a project of writer's/artist's portraits in San Francisco and I was honored to be a part of it. Especially after seeing his website and experiencing the depths of his expressions. I was drawn to the intensity of vulberability, relevance, and aesthetic craft, harmonizing in his works. I was on the spot, looking/feeling rough yet natural, not prepared to have my photo taken. This is the best way however. Spontaneous nature. I am in a transformative space of sorts, where I have lost much of the life I have built in the last 5 plus years. Rather than collecting the pieces only to build it again however, I am sitting in that flatter space. Staring into the horizon. I will describe the details of such at some point, now is not the time. Though this is more personal to myself, Bob Fischer's photo captures my encompassing state of where I am at (pic at bottom of blog). Authentically, truly. I look forward to coming back to this photo as a reference point of this amazing time of life on the horizon. The other photo is a collaboration of sorts where Bob complimented my self portraiture and ran with it in his own way. He asked why the head was decapitated, and I explained how the piece was about homage to any/all that make the attempt to do anything with their life. And how this is a trying experience, the decapitation being an expression of the hardship, defeat of doing such. The expression on the face, aiming for contentment however being the prize... the victory. Myself, I am trying. It is challenging to say the least, and I become fear based if I don't catch myself. And so its good to come back to an expression such as this self portrait, though intended as a gift to the world itself in hopes of encouraging others to take that leap, that its sitter too should be reminded and mindful of the victory that lay at the end of the path of trying to do with one's life, that which one truly wants/wills to do with it. It is our ultimate responsibility... to ourselves! And thank you Bob for the collaborative expression that showed myself what I was forgetting to see... and others reading this blog perhaps too. Let us keep our eyes on the prize -- photos courtesy of Robert A. Fischer. to view his art please visit robertfischerphoto.comDedictation- acrylic and water soluble oil paint on paper, 9"x12" (2011)


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