The Uncarved Block... with Genevieve

August 19, 2013  •  133 Comments

Recent collaboration piece with Genevieve Lounsbury. Our relationship continues to blossom as it is reflected in these collaborative expressions. I will reflect on the nature of this collaboration at some point, but in this piece the inspiration was from returning from a month long trip navigating domestic travels where the intent was to explore further the nature of mind/reality. That is putting myself in an ocean of mysterious situations where the option was to miss out as a result of fear there of, or commit willing to whatever the situation presented. I devoted my time to the latter, and everyday was an adventure. The practice is one of experiencing the world for the first time in every constant moment. Emptying one's self and allowing the second by second life experience to fill one over the brim. The following words are from Genevieve and I, which are in the drawing. Enjoy. (Genevieve)- Stare at the uncarved block. Study it's true nature. Learn it's every mark and grain. Search for the form beneath the surface, what can be stripped away to reveal the beauty underneath? Ask it to help you lighten it from the burdens of unnecessary weight and mass. In time each layer erodes and a new shape emerges from the once monolithic block what lay hidden comes to light and life is created from what was thought to be dead. (Akira) Born from an uncarved block the experience of life carves us into its shape, but at sometime may we find the inspiration to return to the uncarved state and carve it again. But this time around, carve it into the shape we desire, with the knife of intention. And let the end result of this be a monument this is our tombstone being testimony that life was lived fully, without regret, passionately.. from that day we took responsibility for it, till its end.'the uncarved block' (collabortation with Genevieve), pen on paper, 5.5"x8.5", 2013


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