mourning love

July 06, 2013  •  138 Comments

In the writing of my book yesterday, I was reflecting on where i've been and where I'm at. Mentally, spiritually. In looking back I was simultaneously saddened, yet uplifted in thinking of two women in particular that shared their lives with me so intensely as I did with them. There are of course other aspects of life that led to this current arrival of fortune in continued realization, awareness, and wakefulness, but the experience of the true nature of love shared with another human has been one of the greatest teachers of life. This was the inspiration, this was the reflection. And the interesting aspect of the drawing for myself is that in the beginning it looked like one of the two partners, only by its end to look like the other. Its simply magic in and when the miracle experienced in life transfers over to the creation/expression of art. enjoy!"Mourning Love", ink on paper, 8.5"x 5.5", 2013


"In relationships of intimacy, where we make ourselves most vulnerable... our tender heart exposed to another. And in this openness, we are transformed into an uplifting peak. This has to be one of the greatest experiences of our lives. The nature of love. And in the constancy of reality, when we find ourselves separated from that which we grew ourselves once into, do we ever forget that peak our heart led us to? It seems such a betrayal to one' self to pretend what once was, had never existed if it were rooted in the true nature of love. That formless, unaltered, ineffable, harmonious bond of the deepest euphoric bliss with another human. So even in the face of mourning, let this expression pay heed to the ex-lover (s) that participated in this mutual devotion of now past time. Though we may have let go, let us not forget. We were once in love. (Mourning Love)"


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