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July 20, 2013  •  323 Comments

This piece was created as a point of reference where I found myself around two weeks ago. I've take a short hiatus from my home city of San Francisco, to visit friends and find spaciousness in various cities that I have never been. Currently I am in Bloomington, Indiana. The point being made is, when one finds one's self in an unfamiliar environment, it is easy to experience a withdrawal from awareness. But that is conforming to fear. Fear of the unknown. Part of my practice has been to cultivate the devotion in being comfortable wherever I may be. This realization comes from deeper realization of the nature of one's own mind. So as a form of strength, I wrote the following words of this awareness in the piece.. enjoy.

 'the stories of the mind... when one finds one self in situations with which one is unfamiliar with, watch your mind as if watching a feature length film. And when watching, realize it is one of fiction, not reality. And become aware to not interact, or add to it. Simply observe. And doing so, notice it's length begin to shorten. And with deeper awareness witness it dissolve altogether. And suddenly one finds one's self transformed from an experience of make believe in one's mind to the reality of the present moment. And from here, the real movie begins. One is in the director's chair living a story whose screenplay is created second by second. And although one will find it difficult to remain in this space, the important thing is to now know the difference between fiction and reality in the constancy of our lives. And with this as a point of reference, one will have the option, the ability to transform from one to the other. And so now which will one choose to live as?'

stories of the mind, ink on paper, 5.5"x 8.5", 2013


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