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December 02, 2013  •  155 Comments

As one teacher said, "don't mistake realization for understanding... with realization go deeper with more realization". So in the continuation of exploring and expressing realizations of the nature of mind. Here is the most recent piece.. The following words are the words written in the painting. Enjoy

     In the nature of mind, life is experienced fully. For in the nature of mind, the whole of life is seen and so is experienced willingly. The whole of life being the unity of birth and death. And when looking into the nature of all things in the universe, this can be seen at its essence. The manifestation of anything (birth) is experienced with joy, excitement, passion, love. And at it's inevitable ending (death), so is it just as fully experienced in its sadness, pain, mourning. In this way, harmony ensues with the nature of mind and the nature of reality. For the nature of reality is one of impermanence. All things existing in the universe change. The nature of mind yields to this constancy, experiencing things just as they are. Experiencing them for their true inherit nature, not thru any idea that one may create about reality. The nature of mind is simple in this way. It is simply being. Being in the here and the now. Life is experienced unconditionally in this way. Life's unfolding second by second is not experienced thru pre-concepts, opinions, prejudice, any mental constructs of reality including thoughts of the past and/or the future. Thru the nature of mind, a trust in the world and one's place in it is exercised. The experience is one of ineffability, for it is just that.. direct experience not thought of experience. Behind all the conditioning, behind all the learned knowledge… behind the ego exists the nature of mind. No matter how long dormant, it has always existed and always will. The nature of mind is the primordial mind. It is inherit to us all from birth. It is our root of origin. Its nature is like the sky… boundless and spacious. And like the sky itself where dark clouds of neurotic thoughts and emotions may have it hidden in the background, it still remains. And thru holes in these clouds of unconscious forgetfulness do we experience glimpses of conscious wakefulness. The nature of mind is consciousness, it is wakefulness.  Vast, infinite consciousness… and in this vastness one experiences the world not from the microscopic perspective of one's 'self' independent from the universe and all things in it, rather one realizes the interdependence of all things and exists in accordance with them. In this realization, empathy is experienced and the realization is of the nature of mind as the compassionate mind. And it is here that one comes across nature's law of karma. In the interconnectedness of all things, one becomes sensitive to how even a thought alone sends ripples into the phenomenal world of one's surrounding. And in this sensitivity does the awareness to live responsibility exercising intention (cause) so as to navigate the direction of ones life and so live in harmony with the universe (affect) cultivate. Management of life outwardly has turned, inwardly realizing the nature of mind. And this inner management is applied in all experiences thru awareness. The awareness that bridges ones inner being and the external world. Thru awareness, one takes all experience to one's nature of mind, so as to better one's self and become of benefit to other's and the world. And thru the crossing of this bridge does one arrive at that ultimate destination, where if one is to look deepest into the nature of all that we spend our life resources always doing, working towards, desiring, dreaming of from wake to sleep, from the cradle to the grave… that which at the core of this human experience underneath all appearances that we all share… the experience of inner peace, happiness, bliss, contentment. One's highest achievement realized. Actualized. Always, so close to us centered in the nucleus of our hearts, though we find ourselves time and time again so distant from it, lost, confused in our outward struggle to attain it… we arrive back to that initial starting point of our life destination thus far… arriving at the nature of our minds.



Love your art. Thank you for sharing the post.
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