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October 15, 2013  •  198 Comments

When throwing one's self into the worldly openly, one is in a constant flow of meeting people from all spectrums. In my focus on the nature of everything, lol, more and more I seem to come into contact with others that are existing in that similar exploration. Just more evidence from experiencing the world itself in that way where one experiences what one focuses on. Though having only met Neal Hilo in person recently for an hour, there was immediate harmony in our conversation of peeling off the layers of the surface of reality. He is developing his vision stemming from his existential arrival at purpose in the world currently thru his project Method Makers, and I am happy to be a part of it. This drawing is my contribution to Neal passing a journal from artist to artist to be in an upcoming show where he will display it among other expressions. I don't want to say much more than this, for I am not aware of all the exact details but will give more as the project develops. Enjoy, and the following words are the text in the drawing.... "Primordial Birth", 9"x12", ink on paper, 2013"Primordial Birth", 9"x12", ink on paper, 2013

Arriving into this world empty, how we fill ourselves with pain accumulating it into a body itself by the time we are adults. And never is this pain-body so present as in our relationships with other human beings. We become not only the recipients of others, but the pain projectors as well… existing from the deep seeds of pain often unknown.  Year after year, how we drift from our origins in this way. Drift from that primordial state that we are born into as little human beings, so blissed out in experiencing the world for the first time. The shapes, the colors, the sounds…. We were natural, in harmony with nature. Transparent, filling ourselves like an empty cup with a hole in its bottom. But then there was the pain, and how we cupped the bottom and found ourselves full. And this filled cup is the testament to the suffering we carry with us. And yet that primordial state so natural in us, though hidden, is always available to us. We simply need to see it behind the confusion of appearances. It is like the spaciousness of the sky itself, hidden behind the grey clouds of our suffering. Our pain body is like a corpse that we carry around. It is that part of us that must die, die unto ourselves so that we may move on. So that we may live again. And what better place to reflect from, than from when we were children as we all once were. Liberated from the prison of our ignorance and suffering yet to come. And with mindfulness do we realize the opportunity to walk from our cell. And not only are we liberated from the pain-body of ourselves, but empathy arises and we begin to see the inner child in others. Broken is the cycle of suffering in relationships, where we act from that place of pain. Not only removing our projection onto others, but becoming transparent in the face of aggression casted by others. Whether its the stranger on the street that pushes you aside out of a false sense of entitlement, the lover that abandons you naked and alone in humility, the parent that neglected you… with awareness you see not an adult that lies, cheats, steals but a child that is hurt, that is afraid. And the empathy runs deeper in this space, where one experiences one's self, for one was once in that same place. And so compassion is born from the realization of interdependence among all things.  All holding the same potential to awaken to ourselves. And the cycle of aggression is broken in no longer meeting aggression with aggression, but rather with compassion in inspiring another to awaken to one's self as so has he/she. And this awakening is seeing the world for the first time… again and again. Though no longer a child, experiencing life as a constancy of mystery and miracle as we once did as childrenq. Experiencing life in that natural, primordial state. 


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